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At Cornerstone Church - Calgary, we are pleased to be making a difference in our city. We continue to discover new ways to be a part of our community, but they all fall into one of these areas.

We Bring Belonging

Everyone needs a sense of belonging, a deep awareness that not only are you ‘welcome’, but you are ‘wanted’. We believe that it’s not enough to be friendly - we want to be friends. Please join us, and make some lifelong friends.

We Bring Benefit

One of the greatest privilege of any church is to bring benefit to others. We choose to serve our community by giving our time, energy, and resources. Not only are we Christians - we are Calgarians! Our hope is that Calgary would be better off because we are here representing Jesus by sharing His love in the best and most practical ways we know how.

We Bring Help

There are many programs we offer throughout the year to those around us. We don’t just offer a hand-out, we give a hand up!  Everyone needs a little help ~ and it’s great that we can help each other. 

We Bring Hope

There is always hope, but sometimes, it’s really hard to see. We do our best to be a ‘voice of hope’ to our city, as we proclaim Jesus Christ, the Hope of the world.

Heritage Christian Academy
2003 McKnight Blvd NE

Calgary, Alberta

T2E 6L2

phone 403.250.5547
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Service Times

9:45am - Sundays