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Jesus loves you more than you could imagine! One of our goals at New Life is to model a community of faith that expresses the value of "Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness". We want you to know this: You will be loved as you are, accepted without conditions, and forgiven if and when you need to be.

Life is meant to be lived together, so we gather and share several meaningful things: Worship, Prayer, the Word of God and Encouragement.

Come and join us this Sunday and see for yourself what Jesus can do for and in you. Your family will be transformed. You will be happier and more content in your life.

Jesus is truly alive like Hebrews 13:8 declares,
"Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever!"

When you meet Him yourself you'll understand how all this is possible. We look forward to meeting you the first time and gaining a new friend. On behalf of the entire New Life Family we say come and see for yourself how Jesus can transform your life!


11316 - 130 Avenue NW

Edmonton, Alberta

T5E 0T5

phone 780.455.6513 Fax 780.488.9197
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