FMD Essentials - Schedule

Tuesday, May 9th - 8:30am to 4:30pm (lunch will be provided)

Wednesday May 10th - 10:45am to Noon

Thursday May 11th - 10:45 to Noon

Please note, you will have to come to convention a day early in order to attend the FMD Essential Course.

Course Requirements - Concepts of the Church

  • Attend all in person sessions (convention 2023).
  • Complete the assigned reading and complete a one page summary.
  • Complete all STUDENT ACTION REQUIRED assignments in the course syllabus.
  • Write a 500 word essay, topic to be announced.
  • Final Exam based on the in class notes: Pass (60%).
  • Complete all work by July 7th 2023.

Course Requirements - Homiletic TBA


FMD Essentials - Registration

Courses run simultaneously, please register for only ONE course.
FMD Essentials - Concepts of the Church
  • To understand the foundational Biblical doctrine and concepts of the Church.
  • To develop and articulate the student’s own concept of the Church.
  • To consider current cultural implications on possible changes for the Church.
  • To understand the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada’s concept of the Church and how we present this in a Canadian context. 

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FMD Essentials - Homiletic
  • This course is all about the Sermon Craft: communicating God’s Word through preaching in the 21st Century. It will answer the questions like “Is preaching still relevant in our contemporary situation?” “How does the speaker communicate clearly and articulating a message that is hermeneutically sound and inspiring in meaningful and impactful ways?” 

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