Foursquare Ministry Diploma

Foursquare Canada is committed to equipping its ministers with a solid foundation of biblical and theological training. To support this aim the Foursquare Ministerial Diploma (FMD) was developed as the minimum educational requirement for all licensed ministers. This diploma, granted by Foursquare Canada, can be pursued by taking courses through PLBC or through the FMD Essentials track.

FMD through L.E.A.D

L.E.A.D. (Leadership Enrichment and Development) serves the Canadian Foursquare Church by enriching current leaders and developing emerging leaders through formal and informal educational opportunities. Our assignment is to make leadership training attainable, available, and affordable.

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FMD through PLBC
As Canada’s Foursquare Bible College, PLBC is excited to offer courses to support pastors and leaders in Foursquare Canada. PLBC offers 3 methods of course delivery to complete FMD classes for college credit.

1. FMD Online Cohorts with live instruction and class interaction

FMD Online Cohort

2. In-person classes available on our campus in Surrey, BC

3. Distance learning classes starting on your schedule.

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Degree Programs

PLBC offers a wide range of programs, both online and classroom settings. From 1-year certificates that root you in your faith, to 4-year degree programs, there is a pathway for you to be equipped for leadership and kingdom impact.

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