• The Foursquare Ministerial Diploma (FMD) is designed to ensure that all licensed pastors have a solid foundation of biblical and theological training. All licensed pastors are required to meet FMD standards either before licensing or by completing a minimum of one course per year after licensing.
  • Pacific Life Bible College (PLBC) is recognized as the primary training and educational arm of the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada. As such, PLBC courses are the preferred means for meeting the standards of the Foursquare Ministerial Diploma. Courses are available both on-site and through off-site delivery methods such as distance education.
  • Tuition subsidies - A 50% tuition subsidy can be requested for Foursquare licensed ministers who pursue formal studies for credit at PLBC or another approved theological institution. Tuition is paid by the student and a reimbursement request may be submitted upon the successful completion of the course. Successful FMD required courses are automatically approved for subsidies. Those taking courses for continued ministry development can apply for a subsidy for two courses per year and approvals will be granted on the basis of available funds and the purpose for continued education. Exceptions are based on exceptional situations. Doctoral studies are excluded from the subsidy program. In addition to the subsidy, PLBC discounts tuition by 50% for licensed Foursquare ministers resulting in 100% tuition coverage for those who qualify. 

Foursquare Education Subsidy