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The journey to becoming a Foursquare Canada Licensed Minister is an exciting one. There are many steps to go through, and you might want to refer to them more often. If so download this PDF below! 

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Step 1:
Prospective Minister’s Form

Those pursuing appointment for any licensed position must complete a Prospective Minister’s Form. The President and the Unit Supervisor review the form and give their approval before any further steps are taken. 

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Step 2
Church Council Consultation

The Unit Supervisor and/or the President will consult with the Church Council regarding a candidate for Lead Pastor. The Lead Pastor will consult with the Church Council regarding a candidate for Staff Pastor.

Step 3:
Declaration of Faith Study Guide

The Unit Supervisor will work through the Study Guide with the candidate (National License) or coach the Lead Pastor as he/she works through the license manual with the candidate (Staff License). The candidate will then be given a license application to complete and submit to the National Office no later than four weeks prior to the next License and Ordination Committee meeting. Those applying for a Lead Pastor position will also be given an Administrative Manual and will complete a test of its contents.

Step 4:

At this stage an appointment may be made which is subject to licensing. The National Board will approve candidates being appointed to positions requiring National Licenses prior to making the appointment.

Step 5:
License Approval

The License and Ordination Committee will carefully consider each fully complete application and then either approve, reject or table the license application pending further clarification of an issue.

Step 6:

A successful candidate will be installed through the laying on of hands at the local church by the Unit Supervisor (Lead Pastor) or the Lead Pastor (Staff licenses). A License and Ordination certificate will be presented to new licensees.

Step 7
Education Review

The LEAD Coordinator will compare the candidate’s education with the minimum required courses for a Foursquare Ministerial Diploma (FMD) and determine if courses need to be completed to meet FGCC’s minimum standard for continued licensing. In order to remain licensed, ministers must complete a minimum of two required courses per year until they have completed their FMD requirements.