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The mission of the Foursquare church stands on the firm foundation of the Great Commission given by Jesus to his disciples in Matthew 28. The goal is not just to make converts, but to make disciples who not only believe, but live by the truths that Jesus is our Saviour, Healer, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit and Soon-coming King.

Our Pastor is Rev. Paul Smith.
We are located at 3594 Route 845 in Grey's Mills on the Kingston Peninsula. Our Services are Sunday at 10am & all are welcome!

We value being interdenominational in spirit, dependent on the Holy Spirit’s power, balanced in doctrine & practice, relational in our methods & global in our reach.

3594 Route 845 Grays Mills

Longreach, New Brunswick

E5S 1X1

phone 506 763 2583
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Service Times

10:00am - Sundays