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OUR GOD HEARS – a family of FOURSQUARE started as a tiny seed out of a simple act of obedience and service in Christ on September 10, 2005 as a home-cell prayer group.
Our first fellowship had two people in attendance. We grew to an average of eight for every weekly meeting for the first year. By summer 2006, a lot of our regular members relocated to take up new jobs. This led to a toll-free telephone prayer conference on Saturday mornings tagged “Morning Dew” (Psalm 133:1-3) for North American participants.

The desired vigil prayers by the group started in March 2007 while the youth musical concert of March 2008 gave birth to the 232 Princes of God’s kingdom (1 Kings 20:13-17) initiative.

The 2007 end-of-year prayers being our first public outing was at 685 High Point Avenue, Waterloo and has remained our current location for Tuesday meetings, vigils and the Sunday Evening (now Morning) of Praise which started on September 14, 2008. The weekly Bible Study commenced at the initial location of the prayer group in June, 2008. Beginning January 2009, the Bible Study is now from “house-to-house” called the Acts 20:20 initiative. We became a registered charity in Canada from May 27 2010 with Pastor Funso Akinniyi as the Lead Pastor.

400 Northfield Drive West

Waterloo, Ontario

N2L 0A6

phone 519 584 0169
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Service Times

10:00am - Sundays