$15 Per Person Bus Transportation. 25 minutes from the hotel

Nestled in the corner of the Niagara Region just beyond Niagara Falls, the picturesque Niagara -on-the -Lake epitomizes old town charm.  Known by the locals as NOTL, this must visit village is bordered on both sides by waterfront with arbour-frames streets among lush boulevard gardens.  Wander through the Heritage District as you discover whimsical boutiques, enthralling antique shops and delightful bistros, maybe even a horse-drawn carriage or two.    Beyond the quaint old town, explore the world-class theatre at the Shaw Festival, important historical landmarks and stunning waterfront views.  Located 20 kilometres from the horseshoe falls, Niagara-on-the-lake is the prefect trip during your getaway to Niagara Falls.

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20 Minute walk from the hotel - Admission $19.00 (adults 13+) $12.50 (3-12 years old) 2 and under free prices are plus HST (13%)

Journey Behind the Falls holds a rich history dating back to 1832 when the first staircase was constructed down into the Niagara Gorge for visitors to enter what was the called the "Sheet of falling Water" attraction. This history is celebrated and showcased throughout a refreshed queuing area featuring all -new exhibits.   Go on a journey through time from formation of the falls to the first indigenous inhabitants and the rise of the Niagara Falls, a global tourism destination.

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10-Minute drive from the hotel (transport Arranged) Free admission

Revel in nature's most beautiful creations and discover the art of horticulture at Niagara Park's Botanical Gardens.  Featuring 99 acres of award-winning landscapes complemented by vibrant seasonal blooms and lush overflowing gardens, the gardens have been part of the ornate Niagara Garden Trail since 1990.  Every season reveals new gorgeous blooms at Botanical Gardens, particularly along the many peaceful walking trails and through the arboretum showcasing one of Canada's finest tree collection.   Indulge your senses in the aromatic herb garden or relax in one of the serene sitting areas.  A visit to the rose garden -which boast over 2,400 roses-will underline why it is one of North America's largest and most distinguished Victorian rose gardens.

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Do you find yourself spending more time behind a computer screen than you'd like? Looking for a way to get fresh air and exercise for FREE? Do you wish you had a disarming way to spend an hour with people you pastor? Or maybe you just need an hour to yourself? This is your chance to take a low-stress peek at disc golf. We're taking a crew - 10 minutes away - to Niagara Disc Golf Course for a fun introduction to disc golf. Disc will be provided or bring your own! Frisbees are fine. The only thing is that you'll likely cover about 3kms of walking, so bring good shoes.