​In June 2017, Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) launched their campaign “Project Nourish” to help stop starvation in East Africa. ​ ​

Canadian Foursquare Churches and/or individuals can support “Project Nourish” through FGCC or Canadian Churches by designating the offering to “FDR-Project Nourish” or clicking on the "donate" button below.
(Note: all donations are tax-deductible when given through FGCC).

FDR has also assembled an Action Kit to help churches in North America to partner with our Foursquare family in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan, who are doing everything they can to feed people there. This kit will provide resources that can be used in your local church and in Sunday School and Youth programs. They are encouraging families to give $19USD/month (~$26 per month in Canadian Funds).

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"East Africa is currently facing an extreme famine and starvation crisis that is affecting a large population of Foursquare members in the area."
“The refugee crisis in eastern Africa has quickly become one of the worst in the world. Drought, civil war and obstructions to humanitarian aid have led to severe famine for 20 million people.”