Short-term Missions Opportunities

This category includes professionals and those sent to the field to do a specific job (contractor, administrative assistant, teacher, etc.)


Consider the following requirments:

  • Foursquare church member for at least one year or Foursquare licensed minister
  • Commitment of less than two years (renewable)
  • Sent out by their local Foursquare church in partnership with CFM


** – high need on the field
S – single
C – couple
LOCATION – Assignment summary; Minimum length of service; Approximate monthly cost (in $USD).

To apply, go to our Become a Missionary page.


  • Teams coordinator responsible for short-term teams and guests mainly in the city of Phnom Penh, requires some manual labor; 2 Years; $2200


  • English administrator who can make web updates, edit text in English, write newsletters, manage calendar projects, and possibly teach English while serving in children and youth in church ministry. Hours per week: 12-14. Monthly budget ranges from $2,000 (single), $4,000 (couple) to $6,000 (family).


  • Worship leader trainer; 2 Years; $1,500 – S $2,500 – C


  • Pärnu, Estonia – The Foursquare Church in this seaside resort city on the Baltic sea is seeking for leaders to assist in the development of ministry and outreach to young families and children. The church has a thriving youth and young adult ministry/outreach, and wishes to develop the church’s multi-generational profile by effectively reaching the many young professionals and families in the community. Previous experience in ministry to children, young parents is requested or at minimum parents of young children with significant ministry leadership experience. This is NOT a paid position by the church and requires outside support in total of $4,000-$6,000 monthly depending on family size and needs. Language acquisition on the field will be a required aspect of deployment.


  • Church Administrative support workers – multiple posts (French required) – Contact FMI for details
  • Church Planters and Adult Ministry leaders (French Required) Contact FMI for details
  • Children and Sunday School Trainers (French-required) Contact FMI for details
  • Theatre and Arts teacher (French required) Contact FMI for details
  • Musician / leader for worship group (French desired) Contact FMI for details


  • Base Camp Director- Assist with needs, relief and compassion projects. This includes hosting short term teams, developing self-sufficiency projects, training Haitian workers and providing support and training for orphanages including developing an orphan prevention program.. 2-3 years; $600
  • Support Team Facilitator- Team facilitator work under Base Camp director to oversee base camp staff, base camp kitchen including menu and shopping, organizing team accommodations, facilitate team activities, administrate team correspondence and planning. 2 years, $600.
  • In-Service Leadership Training instructor to assist with leadership development and church planting. Should be fluent in French or Creole; 1-2 years; $3,000
  • Discipling Haitian pastors and leaders to better equip them to grow and lead their church and congregations. This includes developing programs and education for men’s ministry, women’s ministry and christian schools. 2 years minimum: $3,000


  • Youth workers for Tokyo and Osaka. 2 years; $3,000.
  • Japanese-speaking church planters for Tokyo and Sendai; 2+ years; $3,000.


  • English teacher; 8 month minimum commitment- renewable; $750


  • English teacher; 2 years; $1,500 – S $2,500 – C
  • Workers needed to help with Guaymi Tribe; 2 years; $1,500 – S $2,500 – C
  • Workers needed to help with Choco Tribe; 2 years; $1,500 – S $2,500 – C
  • Workers needed to help with Cuna Tribe; 2 years; $1,500 – S $2,500 – C
  • Worker to help with camp programs; 2 years; $1,500 – S
  • Experienced teacher; 3-5 years; $1500
  • Vocational Manager for Lae City Mission- a younger person with trade or technical skills that can supervise young men and teach them vocational skills. 3 years; $700 S or C.


  • High School Principal needed to serve; 2 years; $1,500 C or S


  • Bucharest – We have a need for one or more people to start a social enterprise to provide employment opportunities for women who were once sexually exploited.
  • Qualifications: business; start-up; NGO strategy; fundraising; budgeting
  • Monthly living and ministry expense: minimum $650
  • Length of assignment: 6 month to 2 years
  • Bucharest – We have need of one or more people to work in one or a combination of these outreaches; prefer three year minimum commitment:
  • Outreach to women in prostitution; counseling; support group; rehabilitation
  • Prevention activities with at-risk children (orphanages, schools, community outreach)
  • Aesthetic, hair styling, make up, manicurist for the social beauty parlor (for vulnerable women as a means of outreach)
  • Transitional apartment coordinator


  • St. Petersburg – We need an individual or couple who are administratively gifted and are fluent in English and Russian. Work includes translation, traveling as translator, writing newsletters, maintaining databases, and simple accounting. Preference is for a male because most of the traveling is done with male pastors. 2 years; Start up expense (not including airfare) $3,000. Monthly living expense $1,000. Monthly ministry expense $750. Amounts are based on single. Begin September 2015 or after. C or S


  • Serve as a team member at the cross-cultural school of ministry (teaching, outreach, etc), for three months – one year. $2,500. Contact FMI/Area Missionary for details.


  • Ankhara- Administrative support to the Foursquare national office and national leader. Training of local workers in administration. $1,500 – S, $2,500 – C.


  • Hamtramck, Detroit: Provide administrative help to FMI’s ministry/training center and FMI Area Missionary. Monthly ministry expense $1400 – $2400. C or S.