We have several very effective projects around the world.  With increased giving, we can start new projects and contribute more to current ones.  Please consider designating your giving to enable greater impact.

Donation Policy

Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada is committed to use all funds designated for a specific project to that end. However, if that project is no longer viable, or if the financial needs of the project have been fully met, Foursquare will use the gift at our discretion for another project.

Türkiye (Turkey)

Foursquare has a thriving ministry and outreach in Türkiye.  They are in need of support and resources.  CFM supports the efforts there and receives updates from the region.

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We have an amazing team of leaders in Zimbabwe who are effectively rescuing girls from the sex trafficking industry. They focus on inner healing and teaching them important life skills. One of the keys to their success is teaching the young women business skills and using their resources to get them started in running their own successful business. 

This all began with Canada helping them get started with their 'chicken project'.  This project has now become a source of income to help the girls with their daily needs and the resources from the profit gets them started in their business of choice. 

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Canadian Foursquare Missions is committed to partnering with our Foursquare family globally in our collected response to the conflict in Ukraine. Therefore, we are joining Foursquare Disaster Relief as they work with our European workers in order to assess the need and get help where it is most needed. Your financial support today will go to these relief efforts and bring comfort to a nation that is hurting. As you give, please continue to pray for peace in Ukraine.

Thank you for your support.   

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Our support of Foursquare India empowers the church to expand and enables the leaders to provide leadership development. 
This in turn puts India Foursquare in a better position to receive missionaries from around the world and expand church planting initiatives across India.  Foursquare India also works cross denominationally for outreach into the area of the world with the most unreached people groups and the highest population. 
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