The CRA will request a completed copy of the T1223 form to be accompanied with the T1213.  

It is recommended that this be completed and mailed in at the same time for quicker processing.

The form can be found here:  T1223 Form


Form should be completed as follows:

PART A – Employee Information (Employee to complete)

PART B – Conditions of Qualifying Employment (Church to complete)

  • Question 1:  
    • Was this employee:  Check a) a member of the clergy?  
    • Enter:  Licensed Minister with the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada (include copy of ordination certificate)
  • Question 2:  N/A
  • Question 3:
    • Was this employee:  Check a) in charge of a diocese, parish or congregation?
  • Question 4:
    • Provide employee’s job title or job description:  Lead Pastor, Youth Pastor
    • Attach copy of job description

PART C – Calculation of Deduction (Employee to complete)