This plan is applicable to all activities falling under the general administration of the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada and our agreement with Manulife with makes participation by all qualified employees mandatory.  The amount of contribution by the employer and the employee is flexible.

“Employer” refers to our individual churches and other activities of the Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada.

This is a joint participation plan, with a percentage of the employee’s total compensation from the church being contributed by both the employee and the employer.

The employee can vary the level of their participation from a minimum of 3% of total compensation to a maximum of 7%.  Participation levels will be in even 1% increments.  Total compensation is defined as all monthly funds expended by the employer in support of the employee.  Ie. Salary plus benefits, but does not include non-routine or reimbursable expenses, nor EI or CPP payments.

The employer contributions can vary between a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 10% of total compensation.  Each local church council should decide and approve the level of employer contribution.

The employee and employer may change their level of contribution, upward or downward, once per year on the anniversary date of the employee joining the plan.