Employment & the Church

Once the church has decided to enter into a payroll arrangement with a pastor or staff person there are numerous items to be considered even before the first payroll cheque is written.

We will go into each area more in-depth over the coming weeks but for today here’s a snapshot of important topics on employment and the Church:

  1. What are Provincial Employment Standards and how do they apply to the church?
  2. What are Provincial Employee Safety Standards and how do we set up an account?
  3. What are important steps to remember for New Employees & Terminations
  4. How does the Income Tax Act apply to the church?
  5. What amounts are included for Other Incomes & Benefits?
  6. What are Allowable Deductions and Clergy Residence?
  7. How are Payroll Taxes calculated & Payments made to CRA?
  8. How are T4’s issued and reported to the CRA?

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