Pre-Authorized Debit (PADs)

  • Allows members to give the church/bank permission to automatically withdraw donations from their personal accounts to be deposited directly into the church bank account.
  • Members will be required to complete a PAD Authorization Form and provide a void cheque. See sample PAD Agreement Form below that has been approved for banking.
  • For those members who want to give consistent, monthly amounts on the same day of each month. Each change to amount or date will require the signing of a new form for authorization purposes.


is done through CIBC (or banking institute) through an online platform to upload and execute monthly transactions.
Contact Person @ CIBC: Max Runge


Requires additional software (Simply Accounting EFT software) to create PAD files for upload to bank website. Please contact the national office for further instructions on setup for Simply Accounting.


The bank may charge church account for EFT capabilities and per file fee.