Foursquare Group Insurance

Enroll a New Member

At the start of employment for all eligible employees:

  • Download the Application form (GL2971)
  • Have employee fill it out, sign, & date in the appropriate locations
    • If they wish to receive direct deposit for claims, please have them submit a void cheque as well
  • Photocopy for your records
  • Mail original application to the FBP Administrator at the National Office at least 30 days prior to date of eligibility
  • Upon receipt of the application, the FBP Administrator will provide the employer with a Premium Estimate for the applicant
  • Do not remit any payments to the National Office until you receive the first billing invoice. This will ensure that the proper premiums are paid.
  • Once the member application has been processed, Manulife will mail out a member card.
  • An invoice will be sent for the full monthly premiums billed by Manulife. Please use amounts on invoice to calculate portion to deduct from employee.

If the employee is covered under a spouse’s plan, it is recommended that the employee still enroll in the life insurance portion of the benefits with Manulife Financial. In the event the spouse is no longer covered under the plan, the employee will then not be required to apply as a late entrant with proof of insurability.


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