Missions Specialist

There are MANY ways to Go
Go as a Professional
Specialized skills needed in other parts of the world.
Go Serve a Missionary
Internship 3 months to 1 year.  Some ministry experience & a heart to serve is required. 
Go With a Business Focus
Business As Missions. Launch your business in another country or go teach artisans business skills so they can flourish in their craft.
Go with Foursquare Disaster Relief
Be trained and ready to respond with a team when there is a need that fits your skillset.
Go With a Prayer Focus
Pray with a team in unreached areas and creative access areas.
Go as a Tech
Offer your skills and assistance on the field. Discover what they really need and set it up for them.
Go as a Builder/Electrician/Plumber
Help start or upgrade a Foursquare Missions Project.
Go with Admin Skills
Many on the field can use help in this area.  Setting up systems that save time and are easy to manage.
Go as a Photographer
Missionaries need photo and video to help connect and grow their support.
Go with Gardening/Farming Expertise
Some locations need your skills and knowledge in growing food.
Go as a Teacher
Choose to teach in another country.
Go to Teach Business Skills
Artesians need help starting their business.
Go as a Sports Coach
Offer sports skills coaching to underprivileged children.
Go as a Musician
Bring your worship leading skills to collaborate with a new Church plant!

Missions Specialist

Exciting NEW Part-time or Short-term opportunities

Tell your Church about our NEW Missions Specialist Role

Church Announcement 1min. Video Request Slides

Missionary Specialists are considered short-term missionaries that serve under two years. 

The options are creative, and they can align with your business, profession, experience and giftings. 

This can be a part-time role, a short term calling and/or a small step towards full-time missions.

Being a carrier of the Gospel comes in many forms with unique gifting.

Terms and assignments can be renewed.

For Such A Time As This

Have you ever felt a stirring deep within, a whisper nudging you towards missions? Perhaps it was a while back, or maybe it's a recent revelation that you've yet to act upon. It's not uncommon to feel uncertain about where to begin or how to proceed. Perhaps you couldn't envision yourself as a full-time missionary, or you weren't sure if that was your calling.

Yet, regardless of the circumstances, it's important to recognize that God has been orchestrating every step of your journey. He's been equipping you with unique skills, gifts, experiences, and influence, all tailored for a specific purpose. Our God is a master of redemption, turning every moment, every delay, into a part of His grand plan.

So, why wait any longer? The time is now.

There are endless ways to GO.  If you have an idea, please reach out to us.

Being a carrier of the Gospel message is no longer limited to full-time ministry.

For creative access areas - there are many legitimate roles you can play in serving the Lord on the field.

Our Foursquare Missions Organization in the U.S. has several opportunities listed HERE that might fit you and your gifting/calling/timing.  We just ask that you apply through us and we will reach out for you.

Missionary Units - what are they? This can be an individual, a family or a team of friends who GO to serve together as Missionaries.  We used to only think in terms of individuals or families but now we are also seeing groups of multi-talented friends going to serve on the Missions Field together!  Gather your team!

Do you have Questions or Ideas?

Reach out - let's talk!

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